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It is said that a woman reinvents herself in every role in life be it that of a mother, wife, a working woman or any other. At the same time, it is often seen that women lose themselves while taking on these roles. This is a classic trap where your job becomes more important than living, where a relationship overshadows your own needs, where expectations rule your emotions and YOU somehow get lost in the process.

If this is something that resonates with you, we would like to invite you on a journey of exploration that empowers your womanhood and femininity.

Keeping in mind that you don’t have the choice to give up performing the roles of super wife, supermom or super everything, we want you to think like a queen, look good, feel good and perform better in the said roles themselves.

To enable this journey of personal transformation, take your first step towards self - exploration and discovering your femininity, identity development, increasing self-confidence, raising self-esteem, and empowering womanhood through our mantra



Entries restricted to females only. You must be 25 years or older on the submission date to be eligible to enter as a "Participant" in the contest. Entrants may be asked to submit proof of their age on submission of the entry. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the Contest.

**Professional models are not entitled to participate in the contest.


There are three categories in the contest based upon your chosen role in life and that you believe to be your power tool of confidence. Each category will be judged within the band by our expert jury panel from the world of fashion, modelling, and photography respectively with highest of specs and standards.

Entry Procedure


Visit to complete the registration, follow 'submit your entry' link and instructions to upload your current photo(s) as per your category selection.

Visit Facebook/twitter/Instagram, click the contest page, follow the link, complete the registration form and upload your current photo(s).

Direct Entry- Personally/online share your story, picture or interest with our extremely professional talented coordinator who will do spot selection and the entrant will be selected as a contestant.

**Enter the ticket no. for direct entry preference**

Selection Procedure

To enter the event each entry has to go through a selection procedure. Each entry will be thoroughly scrutinised by our selection committee on four major grounds.

  • Personality as expressed category wise through the photo (40%)
  • Content about yourself (30%)
  • Overall appearance as shown in the photo (20%).
  • Quality of photo(s) (10%).

Direct Entry- Direct selection for women with charisma, confidence and those who are true performers in their lives, spotted by our extremely professional talent coordinator associated with show off team. The spot selection will be directly taken as a contestant and will not have to go through the selection procedure after compliance with eligibility requirement.

Team Coordinator will assist you to register your entry, you can share your details required for entry such as name and email id details. However, if you wish to submit your entry yourself, you will have to follow the entry procedure to confirm your form submission.

Rounds Of Contest

There will be two seasons of the contest, each season comprising of five months. In each season, there shall be two levels of contest rounds.


This frame is a confident representation of your identity as a woman, mother, wife or any such role

All the selected entries will represent for the first round of the contest for each category.

The contestant will be flashed on the frame for public voting.


Fly on the wings of freedom, express your feminine power and tell us all about you in the second round of the contest.

The winners of round one will be asked to submit a questionnaire sent by us, there will also be an end to end telephonic interaction based on the details submitted.

Winner Selection

There will be a total of 12 winners in the entire contest ( 6 winners of each season’s round two x two seasons)

1 The Frame of Identity

This round is on a monthly basis. Each season comprises of five first rounds.

The contestant will be flashed on the frame for public voting.

Three contestants with the highest of public votes and three contestant randomly selected by the jury (one from each catagory) will be declared as winners of round 1 to move further to the final level of contest, that is, round two - The frame of freedom

The jury/management holds the right to declare more contestants as winners and reserves the rights to all decisions/judgements.

2 The Frame of Freedom

The winners of the round 1 will have to submit a questionnaire sent by us which will be marked by jury, depending on the details submited in the questioner there will be an end to end telephonic interection

On the basis of this telephonic interaction,three contestants irrespective of category will be declared as the winners.

The jury/management holds the right of selection(s) of the contestant as the finalist and reserves all decision.

Awards & Honours

12 final winners of the second rounds from each season will be awaded with an internatoional photoshoot at Phuket/Dubai/Shrilanka.

6 winners from each season will also get a complete makeover by industry’s top notch stylists / fashion brand at mumbai mehboob studios.

Also all the final winners will be graced by award and certificate of “Style your Confident” by Ms Sushmita Sen herself, along with photoshoot with her.