If your child has a flair for the dramatics, music and is attracted toward the camera and your child is showing in interest at an early age of 5 to 8 year.Here is the hint for parents- This is one talent that is easily recognised from early childhood. Modelling can be roughly categorised into print modelling, ramp modelling and television modelling. A good break in either of these platforms is not only a dream comes true but it can also raise your child status to that of a social icon. Your child name and fame can cross international boundaries. An unforeseen boom in the ad and fashion industry has created a huge and continual demand for fresh mini models/talents,you can kick start your child career in acting or to flash the creations of fashion designers or by getting a break on TV channels. In today's time Industry exploding with mega serials, reality shows, game shows and various count downs. All this brings in a lot of opportunities for upcoming talents at this age to showcase their talentand beauty. An established mini model gets a handsome pay for every assignment they do.