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Nalini P

From : Chennai, India

Am a thinker. I’ve always believed there’s more to life than what we see or hear. I assign meaning to the falling leaf, the blooming flower. I feel the poetry and grace in the motion a mother makes when picking her child up from a cradle, or the expressions on couples’ faces when their hands find each other on a busy street. I am a people-watcher, I want to know what makes a person tick. I find that anyone can be interesting, it only takes the ability to communicate interests that differentiates the fascinating person from the boring one. I am a traveller, because the land makes the culture and the culture makes the individual. There are many lands, thus many unique cultures and people. I want to see them all, feel them all. My ideas become stale without the stimulation of new conversations, or new music to listen to, or new places to visit. I am in flux. The more I learn, the more open-minded I become. I force myself to evolve, to think beyond what I was taught was right. I am labels. Feminist, Idealist, . By profession I am with Mutual Fund Industry as Channel Head Banking servicing for 15yrs but also my humanitarian interests push me to be social activist. I am a dutiful and loving mom to my special daughter who born with down syndrome challenges, a loyal to my friends... Who am I? A slightly demented first impression, a sweet aftertaste from a second impression and a firm friend by the third impression. Achievements: Have been awarded in investment category for women achievement in pan india and locally recieved various awards in performance achievement..

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