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Namrta Sharma

From : Mumbai , India

She is deep like her dimples She is brave,fierce and tender. She is full of life and good spirits.She is a combination of beauty with brains. She doesn't have a tattoo addiction ,but a beautiful collection of story inked and to kill it further she has those dimples that hold alot in them. A proud mother of a 7 Year old ,born and brought up in the city of Mumbai. A Reebok certified fitness trainer, University topper with majors in psychology and philosophy, Masters of Business administration - Human Resources are her impressive academic credentials. To add to this ,she is also A sportswoman and a passionate photographer , captures moments with her heart. Has witnessed many changes in her journey of life and has learnt and come out string after every experience. Mumo is one of the main turning points of her life she calls it her extended family. A strong believer of karma,this tattooed girl is always striving to do better and best in life. Life has dents ,and she has dimples so she smiles .

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