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From : Gurugram , India

Hello Everyone I am Elizabeth. I am 42 years old. Age is just a number. So I am still young and dynamic. I have a handsome looking son who is 15 years old. I am a BCOM graduate and have done my diploma in Garment Merchandising, Export Impart Management from Indian Merchant Chambers, Pearl Jewelry Making, Account Management, ISO Auditors Course and Basic Cabin Crew Training. Overall, I have 22 years of Corporate Experience. Currently working as Executive Assistant to Chairman Managing Director for Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training. Throughout my life has been a roller coaster but 2019 was a turning point for me facing the ups and downs in life from which I have grown strongly, gracefully with poise and dignity and grown from scratch. life for me has been full of challenges and testing times. But all this has never stopped me dreaming and now that I have set my goals to reach my destination, which is important for me but the utmost important in this is how I walk the pathway of my life. Yes the journey towards my destination is very important to me and I want this journey to be more lively, joyful, adventurous, successful, memorable and dignified while spreading all I have is the love, warmth, happiness and smiles to all the passerby’s who crosses my life and touches my heart while reaching my destination. All I want is truly to be an inspiration in everyones life. And a proud mom to a proud son too. Mini and more as I believe is giving me that opportunity to dream big and I am thankful to them. Thank you so much.

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