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Smieetaa Dimber

From : Pune, India

I am Smieetaa Dimber Raikar. I am born and brought up in cultural and now a IT hub of India "Pune". By degree I am an Instrumentation Engineer and would have loved to work in Biomedical Engineering domain. I am a proud alumni of Cummins college of Engineering. I have a total work experience of 16 years in quality engineering and have worked with reputed multi national companies. I am foodie, and the nomad genes in me still exists. I love writing and have published a book called "FaceIT". I love expressing in form of poems and short stories. I love challenging myself and keep moving out of my comfort zone. I love learning and exploring. I believe exploring without biases allows you to enjoy life more. I am moved by cause and love working for a cause. I find value in helping anyone who is stuck!! I am supported by my family, friends, and graced by God. Apart from blogging, reviewing, and writing I enjoy drawing rangoli. I love creating artwork with my 7 year old son and enjoy recording his videos. Fashion to me is the comfort one exhibits. Modelling to me is integrating and embeding oneself !! It is how you interact with the lenses!! Yet again it is expressing, exploring and enjoying!!

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