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Srishty Kesari

From : Bangalore, India

Hello I am Srishty Kesari from Bangalore. I am a postgraduate in Computer Applications.I am being awarded at South India Women Achievers Award 2020 as Youth Icon. I am a title winner of Mrs. India Beautiful Hairs at Mrs India International Queen 2020. I am currently working as a freelance guidance counselor and I am a Zero Waste Wedding Planner without any kind of animal cruelty in it. I did a luxurious beach wedding at Gokarna, Karnataka. I managed my whole wedding on my own including every Hook n nook corner and got myself covered in the local media channel as well. I have represented my birth state as an NCC Cadet on a national level two times: 1st in Adventure Course Camp at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and 2nd in Advanced Leadership Camp at Jorhat, Assam. I come from a very conservative family where women don't dream big and are even not allowed to do so but I believe in the opposite. I am constantly fighting from a very young age of approx 10 years for my equality and freedom. I was denied quality education because my father was struggling financially but I became a success when I completed my Masters in Computer Applications. I was denied basic happiness just because I have wheatish complexion but again I became a success by working hard when I became a finalist and received the title of Mrs. India Beautiful Hairs at Mrs. India International Queen 2020. I am fulfilling the responsibility of the eldest child of my house from a very young age irrespective of the gender. I am working towards promoting India tourism in terms of Destination Wedding. I am also working towards promotion of Zero Waste Wedding, also free of any kind of animal cruelty in it. I am working towards making people understand, to make their young generation responsible from a small age inspite of spoiling them thinking that "this is still not their age". I am constantly fighting from a small age towards the equality of both men and women starting right from my own house. My motto is to make every girl and women independent in her way of thinking which seems to be a small thing but actually makes the biggest difference in Life. According to my thoughts, Women Empowerment is something so powerful that is beyond equality and opportunity. It is being equal and independent in your thoughts. Women Empowerment means independence of ourselves in our thoughts. I have been a sportsperson of Kabaddi, Cricket, Basketball and Chess. I am an Adventure Sportive and love doing Trekking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Traveling and Traversing etc. I love singing, dancing, modelling, anchoring. I am an artist as well as I love painting and sketching.

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