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Sneha Rochlani

From : Mumbai, India

Hello, I am a fun-loving individual who is a full time banker. Apart from that, I am a fitness instructor, coaching people to achieve their fitness goals. I am a healing facilitator and apply the modalities for mental well being that I have learnt over the period of couple of years. I like adventures (sky diving, scuba, snorkeling, zip lining) and love leisure travelling(Been to Europe, US)and have passion for dance. I have done my MBA (finance). My fitness wings include Zumba, H.I.I.T., Pilates. I have been practising modalities (spiritual) like Reiki, Theta healing, Access consciousness bars, The Reconnective healing. The new thing these days which I am exploring about myself, is the interest in fashion & styling. My vission and mission in line with my passion is not only to spread awareness about fitness but also, guide people achieve their mental well being. My website:

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