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Maushmi P Thorat

From : Mumbai , India

I am Maushmi P Thorat, staying in Mumbai. I am  a Fashion, Jewelry, Interior and Set designer, an actor, a voice over artist.. In short I am a creatively inclined person and can don any hat .  I look for perfection. I am passionate about traveling the world and hope to do it soon in life. Apart from these I wish to paint and develop a beautiful dreamlike garden someday. I am always open to learning new things and passionate in life with an adventurous streak. I love to cook and take real pleasure when everyone relishes  the food. Life is a learning and we learn every moment and I enjoy that process. I am a fun loving person..I am spiritually inclined too. Despite all the requisites I haven't been able to come closer to any of the dreams, desires and wishes, I have. Waiting for that path breaking role/character /opportunity to prove myself to many who have supported me and especially to those who haven't supported me... Hoping to tide over all this.... All the best to everyone too... Lots of Love, Joy and Ease..

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