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Vandana Mahajan

From : Mumbai, India

Hi all. My name is Vandana Mahajan. I am a Cancer warrior ( read survivor ????). I have a very complex medical history. Very difficult to explain in few words. But lets say this - I am on tablets that help me see the next day. I cant miss my medication, if I do then within 48( max) I will die. I have had 4 near death experiences but still smile through the journey of life.I believe I am God's Chosen one as I have the power to chose when to die. This is only a teeny weeny bit about my medical struggles. Presently , I am associated with an NGO called Madat Trust- cope with cancer and am working as a Cancer Coach at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital. I am a palliative care counselor at the hospital. This work is all Pro Bono. I have been associated with this work for the last 5 years. My role is to hand hold the cancer patients and help them deal with the reality of their disease. I have been successful in supporting mamy patients and their families emotionally. I am also a trained mental therapist who believes thst mental and emotional health scores over physical health. A healthy mind helps develop a healthy body. My Mantra in life is "Impossible is for those who don't believe in themselves". You can read about the kind of work I do with cancer patients on my FB timeline. Sharing few links for your convenience. I also have a FB page by the name of destiny's_child the link to which is mentioned below.

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