The Photo Contest


You must be 18 years or older on the submission date to be eligible to enter your child or "Contestant" into the contest and be the legal guardian or have the explicit written permission of the contestant's legal guardian. Entrants may be asked to submit proof of their relationship or written permission on submission of the entry, failure to do so may result in disqualification from the Contest.

Contestant must be not more than 16 years as on or before date of submission of entry.


There are four categories in the contest based on the age band. Each category will be judged within the age band by our expert jury panel from the world of fashion, modelling, and photography respectively with highest of specks and standards.

Selection Procedure

To enter the event each entry has to go through a selection procedure. Each entry will be thoroughly scrutinised by our selection committee on three majo grounds.

  • Overall appearance of the child as shown in the photo (30%)
  • Personality of child as expressed through the photo (50%)
  • Quality of photo(s) (20%).

Competition Round

All the selected entries will contest for this round of the contest in the respective age category for voters and jury selection by submitting professional clicked photographs.


Voter's Choice -
The Highest Vote Achiever

All the people from the country, community, society, friends and relatives etc. in short anyone and everybody can vote online for the photo of the contestant of their choice. Votes are tabulated for each contestant and the highest vote achiever in each category will be declared as the winner of the respective category by voter’s choice.

Jury's Choice -
Selected By Jury Panel

Judges will select one contestant in each category and declare as a winner by jury’s choice of the respective category.

The jury panel will decide the winner(s) of the contest from this round on basis of the professional photographs or performance video byte. Jury will judge every contestant personally and professionally with highest of specs and standard based on the photogenic mag netism of the child, modelling skill and future potentials in the industry

The jury holds the right to declare one or more contestant or merge categories or may pat on the back of any contesreserves all decision.tant as the winner(s) and reserves all decision.

Awards & Honours for Winners

Based on judge's choice and voter's choice, the winners of round one in each category will be awarded with a photo shoot and digital certificate and a one year registration with Show off as a registered model.

  • Winners of the contest will be graced with a photo shoot.
  • The success story of the winners will be released in the magazine.
  • Model look book will be given to the winners.
  • Winner certificate will be given to the winners.